Interview with Jessica Woodley RN, BSN

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04.14.2021 by Portrait Spa
Interview with Jessica Woodley RN, BSN

Jessica Woodley RN, BSN

It was 10 AM on Monday morning when I spoke to Jessica, but for her, the weekend was just getting started. Unlike most aesthetic nurses, Jessica Woodley RN, BSN has two specialties: cosmetic injections, and critical care (also known as ER).

She graduated from the University of Arizona with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing and completed her residency in critical care. When she moved to San Diego, she pursued her dream career as a cosmetic nurse and has been injecting ever since.

What is a typical day in the life for you at Portrait Spa?

“Going in, you always have a game plan of what you’re about to do. Let’s say someone is coming in for Xeomin, they sit down in my chair and say they’ve been thinking about doing their lips. Next thing you know, you’re doing lip filler and cheek filler in addition to the Xeomin they came in for. That’s the fun part.”

Jessica says a day in the life as a nurse injector is just as exciting as it is unpredictable. From scrolling through Jessica’s professional Instagram page, it’s obvious that her favorite treatment to administer is lip filler, also called lip augmentation.

“I love lip injections the most because of the artistry and uniqueness. My top three favorite lip fillers are Juvederm Ultra Plus, Galderma’s Restylane Kysse, and Versa. It varies for each person and what results they want.

Juvederm is the most hydrophilic so it’s great for people who want a really plump look with that swelling look to it. Kysse is just so malleable. Versa goes into the lip in a way that gives structure but also flexibility.”

With Portrait Spa’s concierge service, a typical day can vary. Jessica loves her ability to have Covid safe concierge aesthetic events and Botox parties, she says “at home, you’re relaxed and feel more comfortable with cosmetic procedures, I love that aspect about it!”

Jessica's clients appreciate her ability to collaborate with them to achieve their specific goals.


Speaking of the pandemic, how has Covid-19 impacted your work at Portrait Spa and what are you doing to prevent its spread?

“We all remember life before wearing masks all the time, being in the medical profession we were always taking safety precautions especially with injectables. You have to make sure every little thing is as clean and aseptic as possible because you’re injecting products into the skin. Obviously, it’s even more heightened now, but we’ve always been extremely sanitary.”

For Jessica, safety and sanitation have always been a priority. With Covid-19 as an additional reason to disinfect and exercise caution, Jessica is extra vigilant about social distancing and using personal protective equipment (PPE).

“I’m wearing a mask and a face shield. Sometimes I’ll even wear two masks. I’m cleaning thoroughly between every client, practicing social distancing at Botox parties. At an event, I’ll usually stay in one room to do injections and ask everyone else to stay in another room so that we aren’t all in the same room.”

What do you love about being an aesthetic nurse?

Cosmetic injecting is a growing industry, and Jessica is passionate about wanting to normalize aesthetic injections and give people permission to get fillers and Botox. She says “people need to be told that it’s going to be okay, it’s going to be safe, and it’s okay for you to do it.”

“Everyone is getting injections, and you will realize that over time. Your best friend had Botox or Xeomin. Your mother gets lip filler. We also need to normalize the price of it, you’re paying for product and outcome.”

“After all, dermal fillers and cosmetic injections are medications that have been prescribed by a physician. Were injecting it into your cheeks, into your lips. You pay for beautiful outcomes, and to not get an infection.”

Jessica is passionate about enhancing natural beauty as well as opening up the conversation about cosmetic injections for everyone. Her artistry shows in her work as well as her online presence.

Want to learn more about Jessica or, better yet, book with her? Check out her partner page!

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