Aesthetic Physician Assistant

Erika Van Hulzen

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  • Bachelor of Arts in Biology
  • Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies from Rutgers University-UMDNJ
  • Allergan Certified Master Injector
  • Certified Health Coach: Family, Pregnancy, and Adult/Seniors
Favorite Procedures
  • Midface Rejuvenation
  • Low face Contouring
  • Natural lips
  • Neurotoxins

Erika is a 20-year board-certified Physician Assistant who for the last 8 years has enjoyed helping patients enhance their natural beauty to see the brighter version of themselves. As an aesthetic injector, she sets a standard of excellence by listening to the patient’s goals, identifying areas of opportunity, providing patient education, and formulating a comprehensive and individualized plan of care for each person. Your optimal experience is her main goal and a level of trust is established before the first treatment commences.

She has a soft and gentle touch that she attributes to her 12 years of experience as a Neurosurgical PA assisting in highly delicate brain and spine surgeries. Her love of human anatomy is evidenced in every procedure she performs to keep you looking your best. As a 3-dimensional thinker, she builds upon the structural layers of the face for support, contour, and refinement.

Most of all, Erika connects with people on a personal level and builds long-lasting relationships with her patients. Her integrity, personable demeanor, and artistic abilities have gained her a loyal clientele.

She is also passionate about health and whole-body wellness. As an avid learner of the human body, she started on her own health journey and quickly became a certified health coach. Realizing that many gut issues led to lower immune function, she set out to find ways to help people heal from the inside out. In so doing, she saw amazing transformations in people’s skin, hair, and nails along with better gut, brain, heart, and eye health to name a few.

She brings to light that the core to healthy-looking skin and beauty begins within. Erika has married whole food nutrition and medical-grade skincare products for a superior approach to optimal skin.

If you can’t find her, she’s most likely in the backyard gardening and growing her own food!