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Jolene Retaskie

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  • Member of ISPAN (International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses)
  • Member of AmSpa (American Med Spa Association)
  • Registered Nurse, Bachelors of Science in Nursing
Favorite Procedures
  • Customized overall refresh treatment-I love to give you the "I am rested and youthful" glow
  • Introducing and maintaining anti-aging regimen for Men
  • Filler Correction

 Jolene is passionate about helping her clients achieve their aesthetic goals. With a 15 year background in Emergency and Trauma care, hearing the words ``I trust you" from her patients is a privilege that she does not take lightly. Her passion is to help her patients find healthy perceptions of themselves while enhancing their natural beauty. 

It is not uncommon for her to work tirelessly with a patient who has experienced an undesirable result from previous aesthetic treatments and provide solutions that can make their previous traumatic/stressful experience a distant memory. Jolene's ultimate professional ambition is to build a foundation of trust, while providing patients with high quality, safe, and satisfying care that is unique to you. 

Jolene has a natural ability to educate and by no means wants anyone left out. She is fully aware that MEN need and want aesthetic treatments too, but may not know where to start. So, reach out and ask questions. She is so determined to share the benefits of anti-aging treatments that you can ask her questions for free. She will help guide you without any pressure or stress.

Call/Text 619-369-2182 or visit her IG @jolene_aesthetics



I'm in such great hands with Jolene. She knows her stuff, meaning she takes her time to explain all my options and I know she is tailoring everything specific to my skin type and what I'm comfortable with. She is a perfectionist and has a gentle touch. I'm excited to start the microneedling on my lip-scar and ready for some peels to do over this winter to get my face ready to look amazingly younger, fresher & just glowing for this approaching new year!!
I have gotten Botox, filler, and a few laser treatments from her and she is amazing. She always preps you on what exactly to expect, how it will feel, the results and she always follows up with you every day after. Jolene is also the sweetest person ever and will make you feel comfortable throughout the entire process :)
Not only did I feel comfortable at check in, my consultation, procedure and after care was amazing! Jolene is very informative and caring. I felt as though she listened to all my concerns and throughly explained the process, I was nervous considering it was my first time having any work somebody I have no doubts that I will be back!